WC Rates to Increase Significantly

Many expect Workers Compensation rates to increase significantly this year. The MA Workers Comp Rating and Inspection Bureau has recently applied for an average rate increase of 19.3% (click here to read the full article from the Boston Globe). According to the Insurance Journal, commissioner Joseph Murphy will be holding a public meeting on this request.

Whatever rate increase is approved by the insurance commissioner will be effective September 1st, with the negotiations for the final rates continuing through most of the summer. We believe the final rate increase this year will be in excess of 10%. The rate for residential carpentry is currently 8.68. If the commissioner approves the increase of 19.3% the new rate would be $10.30. This is significant. If you have a payroll of $100,000 this will increase your cost by more than $1,500.  

You might wonder, “Is it possible to avoid these rate increases?” The answer is “yes.” There are some insurance programs that are available today that will guarantee your maximum rate for three years. This program is not available to all employers in MA. It is available to the best contractors that have had good experience. So long as your losses are under control and you have premium of over $5000, you may qualify. Please call us to see if this three year program to keep your Workers Comp costs under control is right for you. By making the switch today, you can avoid the increased rates, at least for the next few years. You do not need to wait until your policy comes up for renewal, you can start saving now.  

Remember, Workers Comp costs are controllable, and every dollar you save in Workers Comp premium goes straight to your bottom line as profit. Call us today to see if you qualify for this program and start saving on Workers Compensation premiums.